The Jolt Sensor monitors an athlete's head impacts in real time, streaming live data and alerts to connected smartphones.



Concussions can happen in any sport. That's why the Jolt Sensor works for all of them. Mounting it is as simple as clipping it to whatever you're already wearing on your head. It's so small and light, you barely notice it's there. And switching between sports is a breeze.

Low Maintenance


The Jolt Sensor has no buttons. It's always on and always listening. And it last up to 2 months between charges, so you can set it and forget it.

Powerful Performance


Our custom communication protocol enables the Jolt Sensor to send data up to 200 yards, and it allows you to monitor an unlimited number of devices at once.

Deeper Insights


With the impact, symptom, diagnosis, and recovery data we collect, Jolt is able to provide more actionable insights and a system that learns with experience.


Sensor Construction

The Jolt Sensor is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate, with a soft rubber coating. It measures 0.7 x 1.4 inches and is less than 0.4 inches thick. Weighing just 0.25 oz, you barely know it's there.


Vibration Alerts

Through the app menu, you can enable the vibrating motor in the sensor, so that it vibrates to alert an athlete to go to the sideline for evaluation when they've experienced a big hit.


Rechargeable Battery

The rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery lasts one month under standard use and can last up to two months on standby. It can be recharged in under an hour with the included Micro-USB charging cable.


Wireless Communication

Using Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0), the sensor can send data up to 200 yards. The app is compatible with iPhone 4+ running iOS 6.1.3+ and devices with Bluetooth Smart running Android 5.0.0+.

The Jolt Sensor is proudly American-made with free shipping anywhere in the US