Jolt Sensor

The Jolt Sensor monitors an athlete's head impacts in real time, streaming live data and alerts to connected smartphones.

  • Jolt Sensor multi-sport head impact sensor
  • Micro USB charging cord
  • Free iPhone and Android apps
  • Typically ships in 2-3 business days



Real-Time Alerts

When a significant impact is detected, the Jolt Sensor vibrates to alert the player and sends an alert to parents and coaches to remove the athlete from play for evaluation.

Multi-Sport Compatibility

Concussions happen in every sport. That's why the Jolt Sensor is designed for all of them. It works with a helmet, a headband, or anything else worn on the head.

Long Battery Life

The Jolt Sensor lasts longer than similar products with a battery life of over one month on a single charge. And it reminds you when it's time to recharge.

Long Range Wireless Sync

The sensor is in constant communication with the app, with a range of over 200 yards. And the app can manage communication with an entire team worth of sensors.

Symptom Evaluation & Tracking

The app captures a player's symptoms identified in the sideline evaluation, as well as the decision to return to play, keep them benched, or seek medical attention.

Guided Recovery

The app automatically checks in after a few days to see if a concussion has been diagnosed. And it continues with daily follow-up to track symptoms until they have cleared.


Size & Weight

10 x 36 x 18mm, weighs 7 grams


Impact-resistant polycarbonate shell with soft rubber overmolding


Rechargeable 25 mAh lithium-ion polymer battery

Battery Life

Over 1 month battery life under standard use


Micro-USB port and included Micro-USB charging cable


Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0)

Broadcast Range

Up to 200 yards

iOS Compatibility

App compatible with iPhone 4+ running iOS 6.1.3+

Android Compatibility

Devices with Bluetooth Smart running Android 5.0.0+


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