Real-time head impact tracking for youth athletes, peace of mind for parents & coaches





The Jolt Sensor is a wearable head impact sensor for youth athletes. It allows parents and coaches to track athletes' head impacts in real-time and enables them to act decisively in the critical moments following a dangerous impact.




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Mount the sensor to whatever you wear on your head. Its versatile patent-pending design means one sensor for all of your activities. Whether it's a sweatband, hairband, baseball cap, wrestling headgear, or helmet, the sensor can quickly and easily detach and re-mount for seamless transitions between sports.

Multi-week battery life

Rechargeable battery

Waterproof enclosure

Bluetooth Low Energy

When the sensor detects a potentially dangerous impact or series of impacts, it vibrates on the athletes head to alert them. It also pushes an alert to the app to notify parents and coaches that the player should be removed from play for a sideline evaluation. On the sideline the player can complete a brief in-app evaluation accompanied by a checklist of symptoms to look for. If even one symptom is present, the athlete should not return to activity until they've been evaluated by a trained medical professional.

Disclaimer: The Jolt Sensor is not a concussion diagnostic tool. Concussions can only be diagnosed by a trained medical professional. The Jolt Sensor provides an objective measure of the quantity and magnitude of head impact forces and is intended to direct athletes towards more timely medical assessment. Visit the CDC website to learn more about what a concussion is, how it occurs, and proper treatment.

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