Monitor sports head impacts in real-time with Jolt Sensor


Clip the Jolt Sensor to any type of headgear, whether a headband, helmet, or anything in between.


All nearby connected smartphones will see the frequency and severity of head impacts in real time.


When a significant impact is detected, capture the athlete's sideline assessment directly in the app.

Every athlete is at risk.

Concussions happen in every sport. That's why Jolt Sensor works for all of them.

An advanced head impact sensor for peace of mind.

Always Listening

Jolt Sensor is always on, ready to record and analyze every impact, small or large.

Smart Filtering

Special algorithms filter out things like dropped helmets to avoid false alerts.

Instant Feedback

Turn on vibration mode to keep players aware of the hits they're accumulating.

Wireless Syncing

The sensor syncs impact data to connected smartphones in real-time via Bluetooth.

Extended Range

With a range of up to 200 yards, you can rest easy on the sidelines or in the stands.

Long Battery Life

Under typical use, the rechargeable battery can last over a month on a single charge.

Any athlete. Any sport. It just works.

Whether it's a headband, a helmet, or anything else you wear on your head, Jolt Sensor works. Athletes get to keep using their favorite headgear, no extra equipment required.

Real time data and alerts in the palm of your hand.

Instant Alerts

Know the moment a player takes a big hit so they can get the attention they need

Insights & Trends

Track an athlete's impact trends to identify and correct high-risk behavior

Symptom Tracking

Capture symptoms identified in sideline evaluations and track recovery

Built to play just as hard as you do.

With its rugged design, American manufacturing, and quality guarantee, Jolt Sensor is designed to last an athlete's entire career. Talk about endurance.